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'Tis the Season for Fine Drink

Bring on the Heartier Beers for the Cooler Months


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With the festive season upon us, the cooler weather calls for something heartier – and maybe with a bit more spirit – than what is typically quaffed in summer.  BC craft brewers offer a number of selections that fit the bill. 

Dark Ales

BC brewers produce a number of darker and richer ales that are available all year long but go down particularly nicely this time of year.  Nelson Brewing's After Dark is a rich brown ale and their Blackheart Oatmeal Stout has a silky smoothness.  Cannery Brewing's Raspberry Porter is robust, tasty, and rounded out with some fruity sweetness, in the same vein as perennial favourite Black Bear Ale from Kamloops Brewing.  Also Phillips Brewing has the killer Longboat Double-Chocolate Porter and Spy Porter from Tree Brewing is a reliable choice.  At the slightly lighter end of the scale but still delicious is Fernie Brewing's First Trax Brown Ale and Mt. Begbie Brewing's Tall Timber Ale.

Dark Lagers

Dark lagers are nowhere near as prevalent in BC as ales, but there is at least one choice for those who want some maltiness but prefer the clean dry taste of a lager:  Vancouver Island Brewing’s Hermann’s Dark Bavarian Lager has been a stand-out for many years. 

Christmas/Seasonal Beers

In addition to the regular darker beers, it is always nice to have some limited-edition winter warmers to spice things up.  Tree Brewing produces a Midwinter Spiced Ale that adds a little extra flavour to the holidays.  Granville Island has brewed up another small batch of Merry Monks Doppelbock (8.7%).  Nelson Brewing has the always-popular Faceplant Winter Ale (6%).

In addition to these suggestions, don’t forget your local brewpub, often the best place to find seasonally appropriate specialties.

Let us know if you have other favourites that should be included.

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