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Your Host: John Yuill

I started the B.C. Beer Guide in 1997 as a way to learn how to develop websites, while creating something that I thought might be of interest to fellow beer enthusiasts. This is purely a 'hobby' venture, which explains why it is not kept as up to date as it would be in an ideal world.

In April, 2005, I finally got my act together and re-designed the site to use database information, which is more efficient to maintain, more accessible, and enables visitors to post their own thoughts on breweries or specific brands of beer.

As for myself, I live in Kelowna, B.C. but came of legal drinking age in Alberta around 1980, at which time I mostly drank cheap, watery beer parlour draft without complaint. When this new thing called the "microbrewery" came along, I knew there was no turning back. Since moving to B.C., I have been able to enjoy even more great beers - many of which are produced right here in this wilderness wonderland, recreational playground, and beer paradise. I like it!

Hope you find the site interesting. Don't hesitate to send me a note if you have any comments, suggestions, questions, or criticisms [constructive or otherwise].

If you are interested in my professional work, check out the website for Figure 4 Enterprises Inc. I also write a blog on the fascinating field of web analytics called Catbird Analytics.


John Yuill

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