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So Much Beer! So Little Time!

Keeping the BC Beer Guide up to date...or not


no image As anyone familiar with the burgeoning B.C. beer scene will note, this once all-encompassing guide to craft beer in B.C. has not kept up with the times. 

The combination of rapid expansion of the industry, there only being one of me, and the fact that I'm not, like, all about beer all the time, has led to this sorry state.

So while I have not abando... more

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BC Beer Awards!

2014 Winners Announced


no image 2014 British Columbia Beer Awards are in the history books, awarded as always at the annual BC Beer Awards and Festival held last weekend: see the full list of winners in each category.

Great recognition of the hard work done by BC's brewers, with the usual suspects (Central City, Stea...

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BC Craft Beer Month

Month-long Celebration of BC Craft Beer in October


no image October is designated as 'BC Craft Beer Month' and will see tons of craft beer-related events around the province, including Oktoberfests, breweries collaborating on special brews, cask nights, beer dinners, etc.

The Craft Beer Month website has a handy list of some of the main events.

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New Book on BC Craft Beer

Craft Beer Revolution - The Insider's Guide to B.C. Breweries


no image

Joe Wiebe a.k.a ‘the Thirsty Writer’ has published a book called ‘Craft Beer Revolution’ that is a must-read for any serious British Columbia craft beer enthusiast, or for anyone curious to know a bit about the origins, history, and current state of craft beer in the province.

With an engaging style, Joe, who has been a fan of B.C. craft beer for about 20 years and has ... more

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Vancouver Craft Beer Week!

9 Days of Beer: May 31 - Jun 8, 2013


no image

Vancouver Craft Beer Week is just around the corner, with 9 days of beer involving:

  • 9 signature events
  • 6 feature events
  • 6 walk up events
  • epic week-long specials
  • 60+ breweries and 30+ venues!

There's a superb promo video featuring local brew luminaries and highlighti... more

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Christmas Beers!

Winter Festive Beers Abound in BC


no image There's a chill in the air, the Christmas lights are out, and it's that special time of year when breweries around the province brew up their best winter recipes for folks to enjoy on those long cold nights. Seasonal brews have become increasingly prevalent in recent years, as shown by the bumper crop of pumpkin ales this fall.

Now we switch to heartier, more robust ales - and some lagers ...

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Visitor Comment

Barley Station Brew Pub


no image Barley Station Brewpub in Salmon Arm has received rave reviews over the years. Judging by this recent comment it is worth seeking out!

"This summer we drove from Victoria to Salmon Arm to sit in the pub and drink the beer, and oh year, to get another keg. Ya gotta just go there a...

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17th Annual Okanagan Fest-of-Ale!

Okanagan's Biggest Beer Festival in Penticton (April 13-14, 2012)


no image It's that time of year again, when beer fans from around the Okanagan gather at the Penticton Fest-of-Ale to indulge in the latest offerings from some of the finest breweries in the province and beyond.

As has been the case in the last few years, due to the popularity of this event, tickets are only available in advance, and can be ...

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New Breweries!

B.C. Craft Brewing Scene Continues to Expand with 4 New Breweries on the Way


no image The craft brewing scene has ebbed and flowed since the late 1980's, with a general upward trend in the number of microbreweries and brewpubs. There seems to be a bit of a surge in 2011, with at least four new breweries in the works, located in different areas of the province.

These include:

- Hoyne Brewing Co. in Victoria: expected Nov, 2011.
- Firehall Brewery in Oliver: construc...

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The Beers of Summer

BC Lagers for the Hot Days Ahead


no image

In most parts of BC, it has not been a stellar year in terms of hot, sunny weather. But things are looking up and no doubt, there's plenty of sun coming our way in the days ahead.

And that, of course, means we'll need lots of cold beer to quench the summer thirst - and BC craft brewers are ready with a wide assortment of sun-friendly beverages, that g... more

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16th Annual Okanagan Fest-of-Ale!

Get Your Thirst On...Okanagan Fest-of-Ale in Penticton (April 8-9, 2011)


no image The Okanagan Fest-of-Ale, traditional start to the Spring/Summer/Fall beer-drinking season is set to go on April 8-9 this year, held as usual at the Penticton Trade & Convention Center. Always a good time to get out and see what is on offer these days from some of the finest craft breweries in BC (and beyond). And you never know who you'll run into in that great swarming, drunken crowd. :)

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Christmas Beers: 'Tis the Season

BC Breweries Have Again Produced a Bounty of Flavourful Seasonal Beers


no image Lots of good beers around to celebrate Christmas with. Unfortunately (or not), I've been a bit busy with celebrations myself, and haven't had chance to put any notes together. Hopefully coming soon!

Meantime, let me know if you've had any remarkable Christmas/Winter beers - and please add your comments for those beers that have returned from previous years!

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Okanagan Fest-of-Ale!

Gettin' Thirsty for the Big Show in Penticton


no image The 15th Annual Okanagan Fest-of-Ale in Penticton is set to go Friday and Saturday next weekend (Apr 9-10) and as usual promises to be a good time for all.  There’s no doubt that this is one of the premier beer events in the country, being well-organized, timed to coincide with the coming of warmer beer-drinking weather, and situated w... more

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Fuller's at Granville Island

GIB Participates in International Beer Exchange


no image From Jan 25 to Feb 5, Granville Island Brewing will be hosting an international beer exchange with the legendary Fuller's brewery of London, England. For two weeks, the venerable Fuller's London Pride will be available on tap at Granville Island Brewing's Taproom.

In exchange, Fuller's will be offering Granville Island Lions Winter Ale at a pub in London called the Iron Duke.

It's a ...

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The Art of Beer Marketing

Label of the Year: Bombshell Blonde Ale


no image The label on the bottle - like insignia on a beer tap or even the sign hanging from the medieval pub - has always been an unlisted 'ingredient' in beer, helping to create a connection between the brewer and beer drinker.  Some breweries go to extremes of creativity and artistry to enhance the appeal of their products and in recognition of this effort, the Collectors of Canadian Brewery Adv... more

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New Looks for Spring

BC Breweries Unveil New Labels


no image

Spring is here and with it some new fashions, as both Tree Brewing and Granville Island Brewing have overhauled their labels/packaging for 2009.  (This after Okanagan Spring did a major revamp of their packaging, introducing the helpful 'color wheel' in late 2008.... more

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Beer Season Begins

Spring is Here: Okanagan Fest of Ale!


no image The weather is warming up, the snow is almost gone, but more importantly the true sign of spring is almost here: Okanagan Fest of Ale in Penticton.  Held this year on Friday, April 3-Saturday, April 4, this festival has been running each spring since 1995 and is always a super showcase of some of the finest ales in these parts (and beyond) - and a heck of a good opportunity to celebrat... more

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Ales for the Winter

Christmas Beers are Coming to Town


no image Winter beers are once again among us, with a festive variety of flavours, and even different sizes and shapes.  Among the specialties returning from previous years are Granville Island's Lions Winter Ale and Tree's Spiced Mid-Winter Ale (always a treat)... more

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Kelowna Beer Festival

Kelowna Beer Festival May 30/31 a Noisy Affair


no image

The Kelowna Beer Festival held on May 30 and 31, and billed as the 'first annual', went off like a bomb - in various senses of the word.  It was a fairly small scale affair, with not a lot of breweries and nothing much that you couldn't pick up at the local well-stocked liquor store.  (Unless you count 'the no. 1 export beer in China.')  Still, a good enough showin... more

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Let's Drink to the Environment

Bottles or Cans: Which is the Environmental Choice?


no image Out here in British Columbia, we not only enjoy fine beer, but we also place a high value on our super natural surroundings. And, as we all know by now, we need to pay more attention than ever to environmental considerations in order to ensure that our natural endowments are available for our children to enjoy. Which brings us to beer packaging.

When the microbrewery revolution started in BC ... more

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Beer of the Year 2007!

Phillips Brewing - Black Toque


no image

Phillips Brewing's Black Toque India Dark Ale gets my vote for BC 'Beer of the Year 2007.'  India Dark Ale is not a common style - for all I know, Matt Phillips may have invented it himself as a way to push the limits of India Pale Ale (IPA) in a malty direction without losing the hop factor.  Whatever t... more

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'Tis the Season for Fine Drink

Bring on the Heartier Beers for the Cooler Months


no image

With the festive season upon us, the cooler weather calls for something heartier – and maybe with a bit more spirit – than what is typically quaffed in summer.  BC craft brewers offer a number of selections that fit the bill. 

Dark Ales

BC brewers produce a number of darker and richer ales that are available all year long but go down particularly ni... more

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A Beer Champion Passes On

Beer Hunter Michael Jackson Dies at 65


no image Michael Jackson, widely regarded as the world’s foremost beer aficionado and writer, died on August 30, 2007 in his London home. Long before most folks realized there was anything more than an ocean of bland lagers out there, Michael Jackson was scouring the world for interesting examples of the brewers art and chronicling his discoveries for others to enjoy. In addition to his more

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Beers of Summer

Cool Beers for the Hot Days


no image

For most beer drinkers, summer brings on a thirst for something a little lighter and snappier than what they might reach for in the cooler months.  Beer styles such as lager, pilsner, wheat beers, and maybe even IPA, come to mind.  Naturally, BC brewers rise to the occasion and have a number of offerings that fit the bill. 

One of the best things about lagers more

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Upcoming Features

Summertime is Beer Time!


no image

With summer well on it's way in BC, the beer is starting to flow - on the patio, by the barbeque, at the beach, the baseball game, after the mountain bike ride.  So in the next couple of weeks we'll be doing some intensive tasting and do a roundup of some of the best of BC summer beers in a couple of different categories.  Stay tuned!

(And if there is any particular style of ... more

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Beer Season Kick-off!

12th Annual Okanagan Fest-of-Ale in Penticton (April 13-14, 2007)


no image

Although there have been some beer events already this year, such as the Wine & Beer Festival at UBC, many beer fans look to the Okanagan Fest-of-Ale held in Penticton since 1995 as the traditional kick-off to the beer drinking season.  Of course beer can - and should - be enjoyed all year long, but the warmer weather just seems to make i... more

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Barley Wine Revelation

Tall Ship: Legacy Lives on Through No. 1 Barley Wine Ale


no image

'Barley Wine' is a name given to extra strong (typically 8-15% alcohol), robust ales that can often improve with age, similar to wine. They are a rare commodity and, so far as I know, none are being produced in BC at this time. But... 

...A few weeks back my buddy Peter Glockner reached way into his cellar and pulled out a bottle of 'No. 1 Barley Wine Ale' brewed by Tall Ship... more

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