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Salmon Arm

Open January, 2007. First brewpub in the North Okanagan/Shuswap. Garnering quite a bit of attention from the locals, judging by the number of comments added here.  The brewer is Don Moore, who has a widespread reputation in BC brewing circles as a creator of well-crafted beers (currently juggling brewing responsibilities at Fernie Brewing as well) so the beers are going to be solid.  Information on the brands provided by Stu Bradford of the pub.  These are the core brews, with others that will be added to the rotation from time to time during the year.  Salmon Arm, get out and support your local brewpub! 

Bushwacker Brown (Brown Ale, 4.6%) Canoe Creek Pilsner (Pilsner, 4.8%) Sam McGuires Pale Ale (Pale Ale, 5.2%) Station House Blonde (Lager, 5%) Talking Dog Wit (Wheat beer, 5%)

Visitor Comments

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Average rating: 5 stars - superb!

5 stars - superb!
I stopped by the Barley Station Brewpub today for lunch to enough a pint of stout and fish and chips. The Stout on tap is their seasonal and I have to say I wouldn't mind it on tap year round. It was served in the proper fashion on nitrogen to provide that perfect creamy mouth feel. As usual the food was great as was the service. My favourite restaurant in the region.
 - Hop Dawg  Vernon 04/12/2013
5 stars - superb!
The first time my wife and I tasted the Dog Wit Beer was at the Canadian Beer Fest in Victoria 2011. Folks, I arranged for the owner to meet me in Vancouver with a keg. This summer we drove from Victoria to Salmon Arm to sit in the pub and drink the beer, and oh year, to get another keg. Ya gotta just go there and try the beer.
 - Randy Scott  26/09/2012
5 stars - superb!
Great service, great food, great beer. The Talking Dog Whit is usually my favorite beer to drink but in the summer they make a Raspberry Blonde that is so refreshing with just the right amount of raspberry, it keeps you coming back for more. Love it!!!
 - Angeline Agassiz  Salmon arm 15/06/2012
5 stars - superb!
This brewpub is absolutely astounding! We stop there every time we drive through Salmon Arm and fill up our refillable beer jugs we bought the first time we were there. Once we tried their FANTASTIC beer, we had to take some home with us! The service: top notch, the ambiance: warm, the menu: gourmet comfort food!, the beer: one word: YUM! This brewery is going to be around for a long, LONG time. They are doing every right and we can't wait to return. :)
 - Laurell  Vancouver, BC 19/01/2010
5 stars - superb!
The IPA currently on tap is one of the best IPAs I have ever tasted. It has a very nice Grapefruity taste with an all a round IPA balance. The Bushwacker is my drink of choice from the regular brews and the Canoe Creek Pilsner is second choice for a clean crisp lager with a classic Pilsner hop finish. Finally Sam McGuires Pale Ale has a real nice complex hop finish with a light easy drinking body.
 - Hermann   Salmon Arm 13/07/2009
5 stars - superb!
I am still talking about Talking Dog Wit, since first trying it while I was in town for the Roots & Blues Festival in Aug/07. I am planning a trip back to Salmon Arm just for a another pint (or three) of it. Cheers for offering a proper taste sampler on the menu - all of other the brews were so delicious it was hard to pick a 2nd favourite.
 - dragonbait  Vancouver 09/05/2009
5 stars - superb!
the Talking Dog Wit beer is arguably one of the best beers I tasted in the last 5 years. A must with a big bucket of mussels !
 - marquinho el belgium  vancouver 10/07/2008
5 stars - superb!
the Talking Dog Wit beer is arguably one of the best beers I tasted in the last 5 years. A must with a big bucket of mussels !
 - marquinho el belgium  vancouver 10/07/2008
Hello to all. Just a short note to express my appreciation of the Barley Station. Yes, i will admit, it was definitely a problem and resulted in repeated confrontation with parking at my establishment of the station's clientel. I am happy to report that the Barley Station has now rectified that undesireable situation, by supplying 2 additional parking areas. I say Thank-you, Stu & Wally. I eat there all the time now, although i still get DIRTY LOOKS from STU, but i don't care cause my money is good, and the food is the BEST in town, trust me, i would know because i eat out a lot, 2 to 3 times a day. So for all of you out there, come on down and enjoy the excellent food, beer, and exceptional service from all the customer service represenatives.
 - Al Bergen  salmon arm 25/05/2008
5 stars - superb!
Great Beer, Great Food, Great People. I plan to enjoy it over and over! Keep up the good work!
 - Greg  Salmon Arm 13/09/2007
Agreed With Below The Brewery Is a great -place to eat and drink i enjoyed the food and the beer had a very unique taste keep up the good work
 - Mike  Salmon Arm 15/03/2007
Well, I was just notified that my name was on an internet brew pub forum...its apparent that someone,in this case, a certain "James Smith" needing support for his rude review can select any S.A name to gain a local leverage. Maybe these forums should be more secure by using just E-mail names thus revoking the privilege to plaster the integrity of someones REAL name all over a bad comment...or even a good on at that. So please disregard the comment by my name on 08/02/2007. **Mr. Smith please stop making fake petitions** I have eaten there twice and plan to go tonight! Fantastic Talking Dog Wit Beer!
 - alex troll  20/02/2007
Hey Chris, Thanks for bringing the topic around to where it should be on this site. Here is our beer lineup at the moment. Talking Dog Wit is a Belgian style wit beer using orange rind and coriander in the boil - 12 IBU'S and 5% av. Sam McGuires Pale Ale will be coming on tap within the next week. Using 6 different malts and 5 different hops added at 5 different times to the boil and then dry hopped this will be the beer for those who are looking for a big bodied beer - 45 IBU'S and 5.2% av. Canoe Creek Pilsner is made from the use of organic malt and organic German Hallertau hops, this beer is more of a continental style pilsner - 26 IBU'S and 4.8% av. Station House Blonde is lightly hopped and very refreshing. By far our biggest seller to date - 16 IBU'S and 5 % av. Buswacker Brown is a southern English style brown ale. 8 different specialty malts from Eng, Belgium and Canada. Nice choclatey flavor with nutty undertones. - 24 IBU'S AND 4.6% av. These will be our regular house beers to which we will add a couple more on a rotational basis throughout the year. ( I think Don is looking to do a Hefeweizen next week) Don Moore has created our beers for us. Don is passionate about beer and has many years experiance behind him from Okanagan Spring in the early years to Fernie Brewing now where he is also the brewmaster. But just to touch on the other subjects for a second, we are going into our 4th week now and have been overwhelmed by the response to our beer and our food. We have a great staff on board who are all committed to providing great beer, great food and great service. We will continue to improve where we can and hope that everyone who enjoys a finely crafted beer will come in and try us out. You won't be dissapointed! See you at Cheers! Stu Bradford Barley Station Brew Pub
 - Stu  15/02/2007
I was in SA in October, and saw this place, and was really curious about the beer. So how is it? Just a heads up folks, this site is about BEER, not the parking, or wait staff. Soooooooooooo, how's the beer?
 - chris the hophead  14/02/2007
Great service, delicious food, and thirst quenching beer. Worth the walk from parking and the wait at the door. Job well done, the place looks great as well
 - Forsite  Salmon arm 14/02/2007
AWESOME BEER AND FOOD. However the service was a little slow, however the friendliness of the staff helped out. I am currently in the resturant buisness myself and would suggest having a runner/hostess on for busy times. The seafood fettucini was impecable, with a great seafood flavor from the real crab meat. Job well done a agree that this is a graet addition to Salmon Arm and I will be back! Cheers
 - Lavallee  Kamloops 14/02/2007
What a wonderful addition to Salmon Arm! I've eaten there several times over the last 2 weeks that they have been open and and thoroughly enjoyed every meal and appy I've had. And all their beers are great - unique flavours and it is fascinating to see how it is made. Lovely decor and wonderful staff. I would say by the full house every lunch and dinner that it is definitely a great success!
 - J Linkletter  Salmon Arm 14/02/2007
Food is great - beer is great!
 - Name withheld  Salmon Arm 14/02/2007
Every new place does have quarks to fix. Although the service does need some improvement, it will come once servers and bartenders are familirized with the new resturant. The parking space does need to be addressed, but it is proof that people are willing to work and wait to get in. The food is awesome, especially because almost all of the ingridents are fresh. (i mean common real crab meat YUM) The beer is great! Might be different for some, especially loyal label drinkers, but it is still better than anything i have had. As for the complimentary samplers, I hope it is understood that it is ILLEGAL and against BC liqour policies to give away free alcohol. So 1.25 for a 5 0z glass is very reasonable. That is almost 1/2 a bottle of beer. I have eaten there many times and it has done nothing but improve, and was great from the begining. I look forward to future outings there. I also know the owners are open to suggestion, so drop a line; but not nasty remarks because you are bitter that the parking space at your husky was getting full.
 - M. Korhonen  salmon arm 14/02/2007
V. dissapointing from the food to the service....I felt everyone was totally unprepared to provide the kind of service guests should expect. Also "charging" 1.25 per sampler is weak!... It should be complimentary.... I will not be going back.... The bad news is travelling fast.....Too bad!!.... At least you tried.
 - james smith  S.arm 06/02/2007
Nice place. To bad there is very limited parking for guests. Have to park blocks away, then stand in line for the next available table. Hope the situation improves soon. P.S. You cannot park across the street at the Salmon Arm Husky as this is private property and your vehicle will be towed away.
 - Al Bergen  Salmon Arm 04/02/2007
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