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Pat's Pub

 - Brewpub, Independent  
403 E. Hastings St

Pat's Pub & Brewhouse is located at the Patricia Hotel in Vancouver's Strathcona neighbourhood - walking distance from Gastown and only minutes from the downtown core, BC Place and GM Place. A storied location, thick with Jazz history dating back to early in the 20th century, now featuring local and traveling Indie-Rock/Pop acts on most Friday and Saturday nights.

Signature draft is "Pat's Classic Lager", brewed on site.

(Thanks to Wayne Nelson for bringing this spot to my attention.)
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Pat's Classic Lager (Lager, % unknown) - Described as 'all natural, preservative free, and micro-brewed on site'...with a...'crisp refreshing easy to drink taste'.

Based on the website photo, appears to have a nice copper hue and creamy head, indicating it is probably a step above your average lager.

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