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Horseshoe Bay Brewing

 - Microbrewery, Brewery closed  

(Defunkt) This brewery has a somewhat checkered past going all the way back to the origins of B.C. microbrewery industry in 1982. It started out as a pub-brewery, was closed down for a while in the mid-80's, and opened again in 1987. After some quality control problems, the brewery stopped bottling beer in 1995. It went on to produce draft products for sale in the Vancouver area, and was reported to do a fair amount of private label draft to restaurants and pubs. At one point, it joined the category of "breweries that started out by trying to cash in on their charming location, only to move to Vancouver in order to become economically viable." Brewery apparently closed down sometime in 2000, with equipment being used to setup the Crannog Ales in Sorrento. (01/03/2006)  More Comments [0 ]   Add Your Comments/Rate this Brewery


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