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A small brewery producing English-style ales. Started in 1995 by local entrepreneurs with an interest in beer but little brewing experience. With the help of brewery consultant Frank Appleton, they soon got up to speed. Products were initially sold in kegs and 650ml bottles. The brewery was sold in the winter of 1998, although ownership has remained local.  After flying low on the radar for a while, the brewery has produced some solid products in recent years. 
3 stars - average

Coyote Ale (Pale Ale, 5%) Black Widow Dark Ale (Brown Ale, 5%) Rattlesnake E.S.B. Ale (Bitter, 5%) Killer Bee Dark Honey Ale (Brown Ale, 6%)

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Average rating: 5 stars - superb!

5 stars - superb! 26/05/2013

Awesome beer (-: love the blackberry porter.
 - Lance Kohler  Sole proprietor of LSK co

5 stars - superb! 03/09/2011

they need to get a website and facebook page up and running. they have a website listed on their bottle but the domain is owned by a company unrelated to them. hope they are at victorias beerfest
 - brendan  victoria


Great products !!!! Visited in July 2008 They do need a website though....
 - Ian Taylor  Edmonton

5 stars - superb! 18/11/2007

They still don't have a website, but are very much up and running. Contact the brewmaster Ron Bradley at (250) 770-1122 to place your order!
 - Neel Roberts  Vulcan, Alberta


I agree they should have a website, but as far as I can tell from searching the web, they don't.
 - JY 

5 stars - superb! 13/09/2007

The beer from this brewery is amazing, but should really only be sampled on tap. The Peaches 'n Cream is top notch, with a beautiful peach aroma that doesn't ruin the taste of the beer, like some fruit beers. It's still an Ale, through and through. Does the tin whistle have a website? they should!
 - Steph 


Tine Whistle Brewing Co. is alive and well and still making great beer in the same location
 - Name withheld 


I have recently visited Tin Whistle Brewing Co. and went on a brewing tour. I met both Ron (the brewer) and Lorraine and they very nice people, very welcoming. I sampled their beer and fell in love with Killer Bee, awesome beer. They have been bottling alot thi spast month and were excited to say it should be back in the liquor stores soon. I did find some in Kelowna, good to see they are back brewing hard. If you ever get a chance stop by the Brewery and have a few tasting and a tour! Lovin' Beer!
 - Zoe  Kelowna, BC


As of October 29/2005, there are 5 Tin Whistle beers listed on the BC Liquor Borad web-site: Black Widow, Coyote Ale, Killer Bee Dark Honey Ale, Peaches 'n Cream Okanagon Fruit Ale, Rattlesnake ESB Ale. I have been thinking about trying the Peaches 'n Cream, but it is not available in my town. May visit the store mentioned in prior post in early Nov if I have the time. It's the Orchard Park liquor store in Kelowna. North side of big Orchard Park Mall.
 - Steve  Grand Forks BC


The brewery must still be in operation. I sipped a delicious "KILLER BEE" mid July 2005 while on vacation in Kelowna, BC. I poured this 650ml bottle into a pint glass (with a bit left in the bottle to top up my glass after a few enjoyable mouthfuls). I picked it up at one of the B.C. Liquor Board Specialty Shops, I don't remember the address of the shop, but it was just off Harvey (HWY 97) which is the main road through town. I'd like to find this beer near home so I can enjoy it on a regular basis. later.... TODD
 - Todd Redekopp  Stony Plain, Alberta

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