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Tin Whistle Brewing Co.

 - Microbrewery, Independent   3 stars - average
954 Eckhardt

A small brewery producing English-style ales. Started in 1995 by local entrepreneurs with an interest in beer but little brewing experience. With the help of brewery consultant Frank Appleton, they soon got up to speed. Products were initially sold in kegs and 650ml bottles. The brewery was sold in the winter of 1998, although ownership has remained local.  After flying low on the radar for a while, the brewery has produced some solid products in recent years.  (19/11/2007)  More Comments [10 5 stars - superb!]   Add Your Comments/Rate this Brewery


Black Widow Dark Ale (Brown Ale, 5%) - A nice full, malty aroma and pleasant, smooth, slightly roasty flavour. Low bitterness.    More Comments [6]   Add Comments/Rate this Beer

Coyote Ale (Pale Ale, 5%) - A pale ale. Company representatives claim they make this beer to pay the bills so they can afford to make the Rattlesnake E.S.B.    More Comments [2]   Add Comments/Rate this Beer

Killer Bee Dark Honey Ale (Brown Ale, 6%) - A friendly, delicious ale, the ingredients of which include 4 specialty honeys and "a hint of spice." Very dark brown , big malty aroma, with inviting hop aroma in the background. Full-flavoured and smooth, with just enough of a hop accent to balance the sweet maltiness.    More Comments [4]   Add Comments/Rate this Beer

Rattlesnake E.S.B. Ale (Bitter, 5%) - While it doesn't fit the traditional E.S.B. profile in terms of colour (too light) or alcohol content (too low), it does have a good smack of hop bitterness to it. Can have a somewhat astringent graininess, but worth it for the hops.    More Comments [0]   Add Comments/Rate this Beer

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