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As you may expect, there is no brewery in Stanley Park.  Apparently, there was one back in the early days, hence the reference to 'estd 1897' on the label. This beer is brewed in the Turning Point Brewery in Delta, established a couple of years ago by Mark Anthony Brands. (The more mainstream Hell's Gate Brewing products are also brewed there.) The Stanley Park beers produced so far have a Belgian influence, noticeable in both aroma and flavour.

Beer is widely available in bottles and draft throughout the lower mainland and beyond.

Also noteworthy is the brewery's dedication to environmental sustainability. Turning Point uses a wind turbine for power and employs equipment designed for energy and process efficiency. Some specifics available here.

3 stars - average

1897 Amber (Amber Ale, 5.1%) Noble Pilsner (Pilsner, 5%)

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Average rating: 2 stars - okay

2 stars - okay 23/07/2016

This brewery was to reported to have been bought out by Labatt's at the end of 2015. The brewery is *not* powered by the wind turbine - its size, height, and the wind characteristics do not permit it. The pilsner was good with a nice honey finish, but not amazing. I have no particular recollection of the amber ale. The beer is better than a 2/5, but the way this business has misrepresented itself, and the aggressive PR campaign it has waged against anyone who would question it causes me to down-rate them. Brew good beer and let it stand on its own.
 - Mike  Burnaby


Should be stressed that the current brand has absolutely no relation to the original brewery. Also, if you believe their line wind turbine is powering a ~100k hL brewery I have a bridge to sell you :)
 - Chuck  Vancouver


The picture on the label was the brewery when it was in Stanley Park. It was located on the north east side of Lost Lagoon. Approximately right at the end of Alberni...where the tennis courts are now.
 - Name withheld 

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