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Stanley Park Brewery

 - Shadow Brand, Corporate subsidiary   3 stars - average


As you may expect, there is no brewery in Stanley Park.  Apparently, there was one back in the early days, hence the reference to 'estd 1897' on the label. This beer is brewed in the Turning Point Brewery in Delta, established a couple of years ago by Mark Anthony Brands. (The more mainstream Hell's Gate Brewing products are also brewed there.) The Stanley Park beers produced so far have a Belgian influence, noticeable in both aroma and flavour.

Beer is widely available in bottles and draft throughout the lower mainland and beyond.

Also noteworthy is the brewery's dedication to environmental sustainability. Turning Point uses a wind turbine for power and employs equipment designed for energy and process efficiency. Some specifics available here.
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1897 Amber (Amber Ale, 5.1%) - Lightish amber-colored beer with Belgian characteristics evident in the nose. A bit of maltiness rounds out the body, with minimal bitterness in the finish.
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Noble Pilsner (Pilsner, 5%) - The designation 'Belgian Style Pilsner' seems like an oxymoron to me, but otherwise this is a decent lager if you enjoy the typical fruity aromas and flavour characteristics of Belgian beers.
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