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Driftwood Brewing Company

 - Microbrewery, Independent  
102-450 Hillside Avenue


Opened fall 2008. Distributing draft to Victoria area pubs, with 650ml bottles in surrounding areas and over to lower mainland. Within a couple of years, distribution expanded to many parts of B.C.
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Blackstone Porter (Porter, % unknown) - No review available  12/06/2008  More Comments [0]   Add Comments/Rate this Beer

Crooked Coast Amber Ale (Amber Ale, 5.1%) 4 stars - above average - This is a really nice, highly drinkable beer. Although named an 'Amber Ale' the label also indicates it is brewed in the 'alt bier' style, which is based on using ale yeast but lager fermentation temperature that, when done right, results in a flavourful beer that is cleaner, crisper than an ale. And at Drifwood, they do it right. A full-bodied beer with a nice balance of malt and hops, with a drier finish than an amber/brown ale. So this should appeal to anyone who wants something that is heartier a typical lager - or even pale ale - without being as rich as a brown ale.
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Driftwood Ale (Ale, % unknown) 3.5 stars - Good, reliable, all-around highly drinkable beer.
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Farmhand Ale (Ale, % unknown) - Belgian-style Saison.  06/12/2008  More Comments [2]   Add Comments/Rate this Beer

Fat Tug IPA (India Pale Ale, 7%) 5 stars - superb! - Winner of 'Beer of the Year' at 2011 Canadian Brewing Awards, and at 7% alc and 80 IBUs, it is surely a beer to be reckoned with. Nice full, balanced beer, with lots of hops but well-crafted so as to avoid undue harshness. Not as citrusy as many. Widely available on tap in the Vancouver area - and elsewhere in BC, I'm sure, as well as being available in 650 ml bottles.
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Singularity (Stout, 11.6%) - This is a Russian Imperial Stout of formidable power. Huge beer with massive roasty flavour, a little bit chocolatey, still fairly dry and crisp, and closing with a sharp finish. Exceptional.

The label says '2012' so presumably this will be done up in limited batches each year. Would be good for the cellar.
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White Bark Ale (Wheat beer, % unknown) 3.5 stars - Belgian-style Wit, with coriander and orange peel. Well done rendition.
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