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Kamloops Brewing Co.

 - Microbrewery, Independent  
965 McGill Place

Kamloops Brewing emerged from an ownership change at Bear Brewing, which was purhased from Big Rock (of Calgary) by Bruce Dean and partners in 2005. The Bear brands were phased out in favour of KB brands, with the distinctive Black Bear being brought under the KB umbrella. Whistler and Bowen Island brands produced by Bear continue to be made. German-trained Jody Hammell is the head brewer. (01/03/2006)  More Comments [8 4 stars - above average]   Add Your Comments/Rate this Brewery


Black Bear Ale (Porter, 5%) - Formerly Bear Brewing's Black Bear Ale. One of the most distinctively rich and tasty BC beers, with a hint of berry fruitness for added enjoyment.  01/03/2006  More Comments [15]   Add Comments/Rate this Beer

Double Chocolate Ale (Brown Ale, 5%) - The first of the 'KB Signature Series' of limited edition beers, this is sold in individually boxed 650ml bottles with fancy packaging and price to match.  Purdy's chocolate is used during brewing and fermentation.  Surprisingly little of the chocolate character makes it's way to the end product.  A nice enough beer that ultimately fails to live up to it's promise - or it's price.  10/01/2007  More Comments [1]   Add Comments/Rate this Beer

Honey Brown Lager (Dark Lager, 5%) - no review available  01/03/2006  More Comments [3]   Add Comments/Rate this Beer

Imperial Lager (Lager, 5%) - Produced as a tribute to the Imperial Brewery, started in Kamloops in 1894.  01/03/2006  More Comments [0]   Add Comments/Rate this Beer

Original Pale Ale (Pale Ale, 5%) - Claims to be brewed in the true English tradition.  01/03/2006  More Comments [0]   Add Comments/Rate this Beer

Winter Pudding (Porter, % unknown) - Brewed exclusively for Earls restaurants and available on tap - originally on a seasonal basis but I believe now more regularly. Described as being 'a dark ale with chocolate overtones' that some consider 'one of the best restaurant beers on tap in Vancouver.'  A similar beer - or possibly the same? - is available at Joey Tomatoes restaurants. [Thanks to Ron K. for info on this beer.]   07/03/2007  More Comments [2]   Add Comments/Rate this Beer

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