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Located in an historic building that housed the original Nelson Brewing Co. over 100 years ago, although the current incarnation was established in 1991, after the brewery had been closed for many years. A small but growing brewery that produces some good English-style ales. Products are available as draft or in 6-packs of 341ml bottles. 6-packs are available at many liquor stores throughout the province, but draft availability is spotty outside the Nelson area.

Blackheart Oatmeal Stout (Stout, 5%) Faceplant Winter Ale (Seasonal, 5.7%) Liplock Summer Wheat Ale (Wheat beer, 4.5%) Nelson After Dark Ale (Brown Ale, 5%) Old Brewery Ale (Pale Ale, 5.5%) Paddywhack IPA (India Pale Ale, 6.5%) Vahalla Gold (Lager, 4.5%) Wild Honey Authentic Ale (style unknown, 4.5%)

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4 stars - above average
Difficult to find the 6 packs now. As a woman, the smaller can size suits me much better.
 - Pamela Brunswick  North Vancouver 18/01/2024
I demand the Paddywhack IPA become available on tap in Vancouver!!!! (seriously though, is this possible?)
 - chris  vancouver 13/10/2006
Liplock is a tottally awesome beer reminicant of belgiums Hoegarden but has a nice hop to it to get you going! A very nice beer for those who are loyal to a 'local' brand,... however you look at it,... definately a beer to be cherished! Man,... Next time I'm in BC, I'll definately be looking to try the other Nelson Beer otpions!
 - Steve  calgary 23/09/2006
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