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An outfit that in many ways embodied what a craft brewery should be all about - bold, unique beers made with care and attention. Alas, the Tall Ship has gone under. Designed and built by homebrewers Bill Herdman and David Philp, the brewery started producing in 1994 and left a definite mark on the B.C. brewing scene until disappearing over the horizon in late 1998. As of late 2006, historical info is still available on the Tall Ship website.

Ale (Pale Ale, 5%) Raspberry Ale (Fruit beer, 5.5%) India Pale Ale (India Pale Ale, 7.5%) Black Ship Ale (Stout, 5.6%) Smoked Porter (Porter, 6%) Russian Imperial Stout (Stout, 9.5%) No. 1 Barley Wine Ale (Barley wine, 14%)

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3 stars - average 07/03/2012

Robin just brought over a bottle of Tall Ship IPA, probably from 1998, so 14 years old. It seems to have lost its overall hoppiness, replaced by a subtle lambic character. Interesting and still quite remarkably drinkable. Nice bottle for the collection!
 - fezz  vancouver


David did a wonderful job on his beers. His IPA will be sorely missed. Hmmm Maybe he should come and make beer with me. dave harrop
 - Name withheld 

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