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Faceplant Winter Ale (Seasonal,  5.7%) - A satisfying, full-bodied winter warmer, porter style. Nice treat when coming in from the cold.   10/25/2005

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Average rating: 4.5 stars

4 stars - above average
Love this beer but somewhat put off by the large can size.
 - Pamela Brunswick  North Vancouver ( 18/01/2024
5 stars - superb!
This tasty brew is so popular with the locals, that people will follow the truck on release day, so they can buy it from the first store that's getting their delivery. Mike Kelly the brewmaster told me! One of my personal faves from a solid organic brewery.
 - Sarah Willard the Cellar   okanagan, BC ( 16/11/2011
4 stars - above average
This is certainly no porter, more of a english style winter ale.
 - Name withheld  26/01/2011
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