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No. 1 Barley Wine Ale (Barley wine,  14%) - This was a good, solid, somewhat port-like, barley wine when it was released in 1998.  Being bottle conditioned, it was meant to mature over the years, and has done so brilliantly, based on a tasting in Dec, 2006. Huge malty, mocha, fruity aroma accompanied by equally full mouthfeel and rich, complex flavour.  All kinds of cool chocolate/caramel/toffee/berry notes that somehow combine to create a balanced deliciousness, accented by the looooong finish.  Great legacy for one of the real BC craft brewing pioneers.   12/16/2006

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Average rating: 5 stars - superb!
5 stars - superb! 23/01/2014
I bought the last batch of this beer at the bankruptcy auction in 1999 and have just cracked a bottle (Jan 2014) and it is incredible. The complexity, depth, and richness of the flavour profile is beyond any other beer I've ever consumed. Only the slightest hints of oxidation at the edges of the finish. Glad I still have a case left in the cellar :-)
 - George Pajari   West Vancouver, BC

Very cool that someone has tasted this beer recently. I am one of the original shareholders in this fine brewery and somewhere have just one bottle of the 1998 Barley Wine. I've wondered how it is doing...
 - S   Portugal

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