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Cream Ale (Brown Ale,  4.8%) - Shaftebury's flagship ale, the beer that inspired several other mis-named "cream ales" by B.C. breweries. (Traditionally, cream ale is a light-coloured, light-bodied lager fermented at warm temperatures to create a somewhat ale-like flavour.) This beer is reddish-brown and medium-bodied, with a fruity aroma, a slight citrusy tartness, and low bitterness.  

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Average rating: 3 stars - average
5 stars - superb! 18/05/2013
Best Beer I have ever tasted. Been 18 years since I lasted tasted one. Never had anything close.
 - Vincent Jericho   Missouri

5 stars - superb! 31/03/2013
the best beer for the best value bar none. Been an avid beer drinker and maker for over 40 years and Coastal Cream Ale is hands down the best "working mans beer" on the market. sometimes hard to find at the smaller stores and never seen it served at any restaurant ive been to too bad
 - jim stone   surrey bc

1 star - poor 05/11/2011
It's NOT as I remember it from a few years ago. Perhaps I bought a bad batch but of the six I purchased today I could only drink one due to a strange and unpalatable flavor that I cannot describe. If indeed this is the way it was meant to taste then I can only give it the poorest of ratings.
 - Dan Dawson   North Vancouver

1 star - poor 03/12/2010
Could be a good Ale -- I can't tell because the Brewer has killed any "creaminess" with over-carbonation. Totally personifies the term "Brown Pop"!
 - Bru   Galiano

the cream ale is so delicious, amazing colour, great taste, I hope Sapporo doesn't mess with this when it buys Sleemans.
 - chris   vancouver

Mis-named or not,this is the finest brew on the none. Seriously. I have sampled beers and ales from far and wide and this is the one I have been looking for. It is superb. Molson, Labbatts and all the rest of the big names should be knocking at your door and kissing your asses. You have put them all to shame lads. Keep up the fine job and what ever you do, don't change a thing. Cheers and best regards, bjs
 - B.J. Spensley   Stettler, Alberta

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