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Chocolate Porter (Porter,  5.5%) -   8/21/2006

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Average rating: 4.5 stars
5 stars - superb! 26/05/2014
best beer i ever drank my wife who is a wine drinker likes this stuff i have to hide my beer from her keep it up thanks for a good beer even took it to mexico with us
 - lyle scheiber   vernon b.c.

5 stars - superb! 02/08/2012
I've had 146 different kinds of beer...this is my FAVOURITE!
 - Adam   Vancouver BC

5 stars - superb! 12/04/2011
Best Beer i've ever had. No bottles though just the tap.
 - G   Whitehorse

5 stars - superb! 23/02/2011
By far one of my favorite beer. Smooth and flavorful with out taking away from the fact that it's still a beer.
 - Dan   Victoria

5 stars - superb! 14/03/2010
One of the best Chocolate beers I have ever tasted.Truly a treat.I wish this beer was in our province
 - Al   Ontario

5 stars - superb! 21/02/2009
Love this beer. I wish we had something comparable in Ontario. I always look forward to coming to the Island so I can buy it.
 - J LaChapelle   Ontario

5 stars - superb! 01/01/2009
 - Name withheld  

1 star - poor 27/05/2008
cool site
 - Pat Williams   Newton

5 stars - superb! 24/07/2007
I love the Chocolate Porter.. it's a full bodied beer without being a heavy.
 - Heather Spouse   Victoria

Was in Victoria last year and had this - wish we could get it in Calgary
 - Kim Wiebe   Calgary

Faithful drinkers of the rich and satisfying double chocolate porter, we treated ourselves to a couple of brews last night and shortly after both got headaches. Woke up three times in the night feeling like I'd drank a dozen. Bad batch?
 - Lisa Isaac   Victoria

I drink this beer regularly, I always enjoy it... until today. A bottle I purchased at the local liquor store a few days ago was vinegar. I :( had to throw it away. I simply couldn't drink it. I hope this doesn't change my enjoyment in the future.
 - Darren Wark   Victoria, BC

Drank this beer at a victoria bar all last night, agree with the previous comments, one of hte best beers I've ever had,
 - Patrick Randall   San Diego, CA

OMG.....This has got to be one of the smoothest, most wonderfull tasting choco beers around.....That silver in '05 should be a Gold for ever. Fantastic. Masterpeice. Wonderfull......
 - Matt   Vancouver/Edinburgh, Scot

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