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Liplock Summer Wheat Ale (Wheat beer,  4.5%) - Introduced summer '05 as a seasonal unfiltered wheat ale.   10/25/2005

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Average rating: 5 stars - superb!
5 stars - superb! 20/06/2009
Who needs a imported light beer flavoured with lime that tastes like wood cleaner, One sip of this unfiltered ale with a fresh juicy slice of lemon and its off to Rec beach
 - Joe Blow  

5 stars - superb! 19/06/2009
My new favorite beer. Great for a hot day. Very refreshing, light flavor. Not crazy about the name though.
 - Shawn  

Great Summer Wheat Beer..So refreshing,love the organic,unfiltered real taste.
 - Al Mcleod  

Don't mind the beer. Not sure about the name.
 - Bob Ascott  

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