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Deep Cove Brewers and Distillers

 - Microbrewery, Independent  
Unit 170 - 2270 Dollarton Hwy
North Vancouver

Opened Aug 2013. From the brewery website: "Co-founders Shae De Jaray and Shawn Bethune aiming to create a company that reflects their lifestyles - laid back and filled with fun." Both Shawn and Shae come from engineering backgrounds, while Shae also has an MSc in Brewing and Distilling from Herriot-Watt University and worked at Steamworks. Joining them is Kevin Emms as Brewmaster, also a graduate of Herriot-Watt and former Brewmaster at Coal Harbour Brewing. (27/07/2013)  More Comments [0 ]   Add Your Comments/Rate this Brewery


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