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One of the first microbreweries in B.C., Granville Island Brewing opened in 1984 on Vancouver's trendy/touristy Granville Island and is one of the province's largest micros. The beers conform to the Bavarian Purity Act, and while certainly breaking ground for other breweries, the products have generally not veered far from the middle-of-the-road, starting with the original lager. In addition to the regular brands, Granville Island also releases limited edition brews on a seasonal basis, usually in 650ml bottles - a good way to add a little zest to the line-up.

Now part of the portfolio of Andres Wines (as of 2005), the original brewery on Granville Island still serves as a visitor destination with tours and a taproom for tasting the beers, but most brewing has been consolidated with wine and spirit production at corporate facilities in Kelowna.

3 stars - average

Brockton IPA (India Pale Ale, 6%) India Pale Ale [Limited Release] (India Pale Ale, 6.8%) Lions Winter Ale (Seasonal, 5.5%) Merry Monks Doppelbock (Dark Lager, 8.7%) Kitsilano Light (formerly Island Light) (Lager, 4%) Island Lager (Lager, 5%) Natural Draft (Lager, 5%) Cypress Honey Lager (Lager, 4.8%) English Bay Pale Ale (Pale Ale, 5%) Gastown Amber Ale (Brown Ale, 5%) Brockton Black Lager (Lager, 6.5%) Marzen (Seasonal Prototap) (Marzen, 5.5%) Christmas Ale (Seasonal, 7.2%) Emily (style unknown, % unknown) Hefeweizen (Wheat beer, 4.7%) Raspberry Wheat Ale (Ale, 5%)

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Average rating: 3 stars - average


Time to update this listing regarding GIB's ownership, i.e. MolsonCoors via Creemore Springs. GIB's "Coastal Series" beer is now brewed at the Molson brewery on Burrard Street, presumably until the site is sold and redeveloped.
 - Rick Green  Vancouver

2 stars - okay 20/07/2011

Granville Island brewery BLOWS. I drove from Maple Ridge to sample the beer. (an hour)I ordered $5.00 salsa and chips (about 2oz) All they will give you is 3 x 4oz samples of beer! You cant buy ANYMORE at the bar. Not lic. for any more. What is the point of going there. Not worth stopping for 12 oz (1 glass) I was going to make it a main stop for a monthly brewery tour. NOT = Sucks and Blows
 - S Harper  Maple Ridge BC

1 star - poor 12/10/2010

"Artificial", "generic", "mediocre at best" these are some of the things that come to mind every time i convince my self to give granville island another chance, i honestly dont know why i have keep giving this brewery a second chance to be my line of favorites but after trying at least a dozen of there beers..... im not even going to finish this, im just to disapointed. and drunk..... not off granville island! GO PHILLIPS
 - sam  the island

3 stars - average 28/08/2010

Brockton IPA is a fabulous beer. The best I tasted in a long time
 - Dillon Carfoot  Spinnakers

4 stars - above average 22/01/2010

I find GIB to be pretty reliable in it's products. Sure their beers are sweeter but they have introduced the Brockton IPA (about time IMHO) recently. Their Lion's Winter Ale is fantastic as well as their Honey Lager is a fan fave (I like how they get their Honey from Chilliwack.) I've done the tour @ Granville Island a few times. Please note that they only brew their limited releases there and all their main lineup is brewed in Kelowna. If you take the tour, ask for TJ the bartender. Great bartender, fantastic personality, makes the experience memorable. Sure they are mainstream in BC but that's only because they have been around a while. Others gained notoriety (i.e OK Springs, etc) and we tend to bash on the popular types and cheer for the underdog in the beer industry. Sure there are other craft beers out there, but I used GIB to get people to move away from the "fast food" beers. It's familiar, local and readily available. I'd say it's one of the microbreweries in BC that are solid enough to get people interested in craft beer. Skol
 - That Beer Guy  Abbotsford

2 stars - okay 14/03/2009

Dave, a little harsh but basically well stated, in my opinion. Some folks seem to love it though! Go figure.
 - John 

1 star - poor 12/03/2009

GIB might be one of the worst microbreweries in BC. Aside from a few drinkable seasonals, these beers tend to be overly sweet, with flavours that seem almost artificial. While I am not surprised that the hoi polloi drink this garbage, I am always amazed that this brewery receives any sort of critical acclaim.
 - Dave  Vancouver

5 stars - superb! 12/06/2008

english bay pale ale from granville island is in my opinion the greatest pale ale in the world and wish very much it was available in manitoba.
 - Craig  Winnipeg


In response to Adam if you think Russel is good beer you don't know beer at all, you probly like a main steam micro like Rickards as well
 - kevin 

5 stars - superb! 29/11/2007

Great brewery producing great unique beers that are the highest quality and consistance,their winter ale and their mingler mix pack are the best on the market.
 - kevin 


GIB is that middle of the road type of brewery. If you have a choice between some GIB stuff, or Coors, you go GIB. But if there is a real microbrew available like VIB, or Philips, you definately aren't drinking the GIB. That's the reason why Russell's is replacing GIB in a tonne of Resturants, pubs, and Bars currently.
 - Adam  Vancouver


In response to Linda's question below: the original home of the brewery is on Granville Island, where a small brewing facility still exists and tours and tastings are held. Beer production has been moved to Kelowna, where other assets of the parent company are located, but for practical purposes of visiting the brewery Granville Island is the place to go, so I have revised the location information.
 - John 


why is this company saying it is from Kelowna Last time I looked it was here in Vancouer on Grandville Island and the lsat time I was on the tour of the place they said the bottling plant was on annisis Island ???
 - Linda Cross  Vancouver


this cartel is nothing to do with a "micro" brewery despite all those hipster doofuses in the Georgia Sraight voting for it every year . All their stuff comes out of one tank with taps at different heights
 - Name withheld  g.v.r.d.

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