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Long-time fixture on the Victoria brewing scene, known for it's fine British-style ales, friendly old-world atmosphere, and great location inside the Swans Suite Hotel in the heart of Victoria. The Buckerfields Brewery brews for the Swans Brewpub, and the beers are also served in the hotel's bistro, as well as being sold in 650ml bottles in the hotel's Beer Shoppe. 

The brewpub itself was awarded "National Brewpub of the Year" honours at the 2006 Canadian Brewing Awards.

4 stars - above average

Riley's Scotch Ale (Ale, 8%) Swans Oatmeal Stout (Stout, 5.4%)

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Average rating: 5 stars - superb!

5 stars - superb! 03/07/2008

I make sure to get to Swans whenever I go to Victoria. Truly great beer, it must be said. They offer about six different types at any given time, but they brew 9, according to their website, not just the two listed: Pandora Pale Ale Swans Oatmeal Stout Appleton Brown Ale Buckerfield's Bitter Extra I.P.A Old Towne Bavarian Lager Arctic Ale Riley's Scotch Ale Raspberry Ale
 - Brenton  Vancouver

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