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Christmas Ale (Seasonal,  7.2%) - (Seasonal/not currently available) A Christmas ale designed in the mode of a Belgian Tripel, which is a traditional high-alcohol beer of Trappist monks. This beer was produced in small batches at the brewery on Granville Island, as opposed to the company's major brewery in Kelowna, and aged in oak casks. Very dark ruby-coloured beer with lovely aroma of fruit, spices and herbs - a somewhat perfumey, but intriguing, combination. I would guess some ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg. The flavour is rich and even wine-like, although not acidic - the oaks casks may well have helped the complexity. The fruitiness really comes through after a sip or two, as it warms up, and combines nicely with the maltiness. Traditionally, a 'Tripel' is nowhere near this dark or fruit/spice-enhanced, so the designation is a bit pretentious, but a nice flavourful beer nonetheless and a good choice for a long romantic winter night. Went down very well with some Christmas butter tarts I had on hand. 650ml bottles only.          10/1/2002

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Average rating: 5 stars - superb!
5 stars - superb! 30/04/2009
Great beer with a vanilla taste I believe?
 - Rob   Nelson

4 stars - above average 13/12/2008
 - Lyle   Victoria

5 stars - superb! 02/12/2008
The Christmas ale is great, everyone should try this, until they get tulee-fied! excellent drink ;)
 - Novi   Surrey

5 stars - superb! 24/07/2008
Super Fantastic
 - JR   Maple ridge

5 stars - superb! 23/07/2008
 - Name withheld  

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