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Brockton Black Lager (Lager,  6.5%) - (Seasonal/not currently available) Formerly 'Island Bock'. While I don't like to be too much of a stickler about beer style categories, Granville Island seems willing to toss around long-established terms like "black lager" and "bock" without any regard for the beer history and traditions they represent. In the process, they show little respect of their customers. First of all, it was arguable whether this did beer fit the profile of a true bock, although it fits the most basic qualification of being a strong lager. Secondly, the beer is far from black (it's a deep brown) and therefore doesn't make it as a traditional German black beer or "schwarzbier". It does have a hoppy nose, backed up by full maltiness. A full-bodied, malty beer with medium bitterness and a dry lager finish.   10/2/2002

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Yep, Granville Island is tossing around names in this case,despite some better than average beers that are brewed by Granville Island...they have made an error here.
 - Richard   Lotus Land

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