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Lions Winter Ale (Seasonal,  5.5%) - According to the label: "...a robust ale, it's the obvious choice to pair with holiday meals and the distinct flavours of the winter season..." A dark reddish-brown color. Malt-accented aroma. Robust, rich, malty, smooth taste with slight hoppiness along with hints of vanilla in the finish. Generally available Nov-Mar.

Has been produced since 2002, and is consistently Granville Island's most popular seasonal beer, according to the brewery.

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Average rating: 3 stars - average
1 star - poor 05/12/2009
I remember drinking this beer serveral years ago and was very pleased. I purchased some again a few weeks ago and was very dissapointed. Very strong vanilla flavour, not subtle at all. Almost like getting hit on the head with a bucket of Vanilla ice cream. Slightly cough syrup like aftertaste. We returned the beer to the liquor store.
 - James   Port Moody

5 stars - superb! 13/12/2008
 - Lyle   Victoria

I look for this during the season, but its not easy to find. At first, it seemed like a winner, definitely distinctive. After more experience with it, I have to question the 'vanilla' overtones, which at first suggested a whiskey-like sensation (like another Scottish brew that I could mention), but seems to eventually overpower the idea that at its base it should be an ale, not a boilermaker.
 - JP Owens   Edmonton, AB

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