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Granville Island Brewing 3 stars - average - Add Beer Comments

Brockton IPA (India Pale Ale,  6%) - A pretty decent IPA that is a bit mellower than a full-blown hop-intense India Pale Ale that the Pacific Northwest is known for.  A little extra alcohol content and some rounded maltiness give it more weight than a typical pale ale, and the hop aroma and bitterness comes through well enough but comes up well short of the 'harshness' that some may find with more aggressive IPAs.  A solid offering.

Available in 6-packs, it does not appear to be a limited release, unlike the IPA they did a couple of years ago.  Interesting also that it recycles the 'Brockton' monicker that was used a while back for a black lager - I guess there are only so many places in Vancouver that you can name a beer after.

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Average rating: 3 stars - average
3 stars - average 22/01/2010
I agree, this is what I call a 'transition' IPA. Due to the sweet tooth in N. America, this less hoppy offering is a good transition for those 'fast food' beer drinkers to try and be introduced to. I'm not saying it's the best IPA by any means, especially with all the good NW hops out there. Just take it for what it's worth, which is a LOT more than AK. Slainte.
 - That Beer Guy   Abbotsford

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