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Granville Island Brewing 3 stars - average - Add Beer Comments

India Pale Ale [Limited Release] (India Pale Ale,  6.8%) - A golden ale with moderate hop aroma.  The expected hoppy bitterness of an IPA comes through, lightly balanced by maltiness.  Cascade hops are used.  Alcohol is 6.8% - not out of line for a traditional IPA, but could catch some folks unaware!  Available in 650ml bottles only.     8/14/2006

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Average rating: 4 stars - above average
4 stars - above average 26/04/2009
I was listening to a CBC radio show this week, and this Brockton IPA was mentioned. I decided to try it for myself and discovered that the hoppy bitterness that was referred to immediately gave me the impression that this was one of the more stronger beers that I have sampled. That sharp taste tends to grow on you, and after a few more samples (bottles) you look forward to its crisp yet unpretentious ales.
 - Steve Hall   Abbotsford, BC

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