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Black Bear Ale (Porter,  5%) - A porter-style ale, very dark, with reddish hues, nice fluffy head. Big, malty body, with black berries and currants contributing a fruitiness that is obvious but not over-powering or syrupy. Nicely balanced bitterness. Every time I drink it, I like it better.  

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Average rating: 5 stars - superb!
5 stars - superb! 09/12/2017
Where can I find this beer. I love it!
 - Rhea Kozmick   Vernon BC

5 stars - superb! 13/12/2012
The best Beer by Far! Please keep it brewing, Cheers Dave
 - Dave Anderson   Slocan Park B.C

5 stars - superb! 31/05/2011
It's unfortunate that this only comes in cans these days. Loved this on tap and it tastes better from a bottle than from a can. Still one of my favorites though.
 - Horst   Vancouver

Hi, We love your beer, both Black Bear and Brown Bear. We drank it for a number of years, whenever we were up in the Interior of BC. Now, we have lived in Salmon Arm for a couple of years and the pub at the end of our street had it on tap. We were ecstatic until they stopped carrying it on tap because "the delivery was so erratic that (they) had to discontinue it" - this is their explanation. Could you please, please tell us where the nearest pub is that carries in on tap? We prefer it on tap to bottles which is unusual for us because often the bottled beer is much better. Many thanks
 - Deb and Ken Nielsen   Salmon Arm

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