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Whistler Brewing Co. 3 stars - average - Add Beer Comments

Premium Export Golden Ale (Pale Ale,  5%) - Gimme a break with the marketing-ese names already! A little more attention to product distinction may yield better results.  

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Average rating: 4 stars - above average
5 stars - superb! 18/10/2010
Not made where it says it is? Whistler beer is brewed in Whistler. Unfortunately this website does not have much in the way of current information, though it is a fact that the website is in Function Junction in Whistler, BC. There is also no such product as Premium EXport Golden Ale...
 - M   Vancouver

3 stars - average 30/05/2010
Nice, another 'marketing myth' to add to the increasing number of "NOT MADE WHERE IT SAYS on the label' bs. Join the list as there are probably at least ten B.C. Breweries all doing the same thing right now.!! And people say that the "BIG GUYS" are liars, well the "little guys" are catching up quickly it seems!!
 - ABC   Van

4 stars - above average 15/05/2010
 - Name withheld  

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