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Race Rocks Ale (Pale Ale,  % unknown) - No review available  

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Average rating: 5 stars - superb!
5 stars - superb! 13/12/2010
excellent , tasting ,smooth favor beer, any of the nicer ale I've tasted, love that its made in Victoria a great product
 - peter   ladysmith

5 stars - superb! 30/10/2009
Perfect, everyday amber ale. Now in bottles! Thanks Lighthouse!
 - Katie   Victoria, BC

5 stars - superb! 14/06/2009
I discovered this amazing brew when I moved here about a year ago. Quite possibly one of the best beers I've tasted. Those who I've served it to have commented on how amazing it is as well, so I'm not alone in my evaluation. Malty, dark and amazingly delicious!!
 - Adam   Victoria BC

4 stars - above average 08/07/2008
i was on saltspring at a friend's cottage. there was one Race Rocks in the beer fridge. i thought it yummy and will look to buy it here in the 'couv.
 - marc   vanc

5 stars - superb! 14/08/2007
Race Rocks is an excellent beer. I drink it anytime I am at a restaurant/pub that serves it. Very tasty!
 - Name withheld  

I grew up in Vic. and therefore have a deep love in my heart for Race Rocks Pale Ale. It is a wonderful beer full of flavor and such a hansom colour. When they started canning it a couple of years ago, I rejoiced. Race Rocks was the only thing missing from life in Vancouver. 5/5-perfect(on tap) 4/5-great(canned)
 - Adam   Vancouver

My favourite canned beer is Lighthouse's Beacon IPA. However, I commonly pick up a six-pack of Race Rocks as well. Although I like a hoppier brew, Race Rocks is altogether an excellent pale ale. Nice malty taste, very smooth - almost too easy to drink. 8+ out of 10.
 - Gary Ansell   Nanaimo, Vancouver Island

When I first came across Race Rocks, it was only on tap, only in Victoria and only in certain bars....when I was driving home and saw a sign on the liquor store saying "Race Rocks on sale now" I almost caused an accident trying to get into the parking lot. This is my all time favourite beer and I have rejoiced and commiserated over many a pint. I have converted just about everyone I know. LOVE IT!
 - Erin   Victoria

Race Rocks is the most popular draft of the 5 we serve here at Stone Pipe Landing. Our customers love the darkish amber colour with the smooth finish after a full bodied taste.
 - Randy Welters   Sooke, BC

East I mean, I've been enjoying Race Rocks all night long ;)
 - Adam   Victoria, BC

I moved to Victoria almost six months ago now and discovered Race Rocks. Since I have found Race Rocks... I compare every other beer to it. It's incredibly malty flavor and smooth finish is exactly what my palate desires. I have converted many friends over to Race Rocks and now that is available as far west as Abbotsford, BC with the same quality found in Victoria it's a real winner.
 - Adam   Victoria, BC

I stumbled onto this beer in Parksville. I was quite suprised how good it was. For a darker ale it had a very clean taste and finish. I would enjoy this brand with a red meat dinner as well as something like fish and chips. This ale is also good as for casual consuption especially in a chilled glass. The only problem is finding where to get more (I live in the Lower Mainland).
 - Rod  

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