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Nut Brown Ale (Brown Ale,  % unknown) -   7/17/2006

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Average rating: 3.5 stars
2 stars - okay 23/06/2014
You know, back when the brewry was just getting started this was a great beer and for a season was my preferred Ale. Visited the brewry, bought the T shirt and the glasses and the umbrella .. I was a fan. However, it is not the same. I think they lost their mojo when they started to make the summer mixed packs and tried to get too big. The quality is down and now the "classic version" is only a shadow of what it was. My interest has faded like the paint on the beer glasses I bought. There are so many better local craft brewed ales that have far surpassed Dead Frog.
 - Jim Reichert   Coquitlam

2 stars - okay 25/09/2009
The beer is drinkable, but lacks flavor. A small amount of sediment suggests a lack of freshness. It could be the clear bottle. I'm being nice. A fresh batch could make a world of difference. It should not be cloudy. Email me when a fresh batch is up, and I'll give an honest opinion.
 - Mark Smith   Surrey

5 stars - superb! 03/06/2009
-I already made some comments under Backwoods, as I consider this essentially the 'father' of Dead Frog. This Nut Brown Ale, ( 5%, by the way) now on sale in BC Liqour stores is a superb,smooth, very tasty ale,reminiscent of those beautiful brown ales from Yorkshire and Durham, no doubt even better than some of them. I love it and invariably have one as a nightcap . Recently my 10 year old grandson ( who's seen me drinking this at barbecues, and was intrigued with the name) was with me as I visited a BCL store. As I pondered the wines, a young shout came "Grampa, Grampa, they've got Dead Frog here ! " A guy near me laughingly commented " Kinda young, but he sure knows his beer !" LOL
 - charlie Ness   Fraser Valley

5 stars - superb! 21/02/2009
I buy this beer by the 19 litre keg, direct from Dead Frog Brewery. It's one of my favorite nut browns available locally. Cheers!
 - Raymond Johns   Abbotsford B.C.

4 stars - above average 12/11/2008
A very good example - try it at The Dublin Crossing on Fraser Highway
 - David Denning   Surrey

4 stars - above average 21/08/2008
Finaly have Dead Frog in bottles but the Nut Brown is way better on tap.
 - jm   Poco, BC

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