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After a series of ownership/management/image changes over the years, Tree seems to have settled into the 'beer with character' theme that appears to be quite successful.  Through all the changes, the beers have remained solid and the line-up includes some of the more distinctive beers in BC.  The "Character 8-Pack", featuring a couple of bottles of each of their major brands, is a handy option when you want a well-rounded selection of craft beers. 

The brewery was started in spring of '96, using Shaftebury's original brewing equipment, which was no longer needed due to Shaftebury's move to larger premises. It originally billed itself as a lager house, with the intention of standing out in a sea of craft-brewed ales. They soon came to realize, as Okanagan Spring did 10 years earlier, that "ale" is the magic word for B.C. beer enthusiasts.

4 stars - above average

Raspberry Porter (Porter, 5%) Fireweed Honey Pilsner (Pilsner, 5%) Thirsty Beaver Amber Ale (Amber Ale, 5%) Honeycomb Pilsner (Pilsner, 5%) Hophead IPA (India Pale Ale, 5%) Cutthroat Pale Ale (Pale Ale, 5%) Blonde Lager (Lager, 4.5%) Red Ale (Amber Ale, 5%) Lager (Lager, 5%) Spy Dark Lager (Lager, 5%) Spy Porter (Porter, 5%) Old Stumplifter (Seasonal, 6.5%) Spiced Winter Ale (Seasonal, 7%) Hefeweizen [Limited Edition] (Wheat beer, 5%) Hophead Double IPA (India Pale Ale, 8%) Spiced Mid-Winter Ale (Seasonal, 6.5%) Amber Ale (Amber Ale, 5%) Kelowna Pilsner (Pilsner, 4.8%) Beach Blonde (Unspecified, % unknown) Pale Ale (Pale Ale, 5%) Captivator Doppel Bock (Seasonal, 8%) Rebel (Lager, 5%)

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Average rating: 3.5 stars

3 stars - average 10/10/2011

I was expecting a lot from Tree Pumpkin Ale this year. In the pumpkin season,Phillips,Howe Sound,Granville Island,Fernie were good. Sadely,Tree was OK at 6.4% but not much to the taste.The palm goes to St Ambroise Pumpkin with full spices and wonderfull body.
 - mononc 

4 stars - above average 10/04/2011

This brew house needs to be explored to be appreciated. The tall cutthroat ale is a staple in my house when it comes to good tasting/well priced beers. The Pilsner & lager offered arent held in such high regard. But! Their single large bottle brews are fantastic! I dont know much about Tree (maybe I should take the tour!), but it seems as though they can (and do) produce superb beers, but their mass market products (lager/pils) dont stand up to the competition. So jump straight to the CutThroat if you like hops, or their many seasonal single bottle offerings.
 - S Cameron  Okanagan


I do like the Hophead but dissapointed in their use of cutthroat. They have copied the name from another brewery. Come on guys lets be original. Oh and stephan (brewmaster) should take a course in congeniality. Get nice dude.
 - Dave Harrop  Vancouver

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