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Now part of the Sleeman Breweries empire, Shaftebury was started in 1986 by Tim Wittig and Paul Beaton, two young entrepreneurs who cottoned on to the idea of starting a microbrewery in Vancouver for fun and profit. Sales were originally limited to draft in the Vancouver area, where they became popular among fans of British-style ales. Shaftebury taps are instantly recognizable, as they feature a porcelain bald brewing-guy with apron. By late 1995, growth prompted a move from within Vancouver to a new facility in the nearby suburb of Delta. With the purchase of the company by Sleeman Breweries in early 1999, the Delta plant shutdown and production moved on up to the Okanagan Spring brewery in Vernon, B.C.

Cream Ale (Brown Ale, 4.8%) Honey Pale Ale (Pale Ale, 5%) Rainforest Amber Ale (Amber Ale, 5%) Summer Solstice Ale (Wheat beer, 5%) Hefeweizen (Wheat beer, % unknown) Long Beach Lager (Lager, 5%) Hemp Ale (Pale Ale, 5%) Paul and Tim's Original Ale (Brown Ale, 5.5%) Wetcoast Winter Ale (Seasonal, 8.5%)

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The Shaftebury brand was sold to Tree Brewing in Spring of 2014.
 - Chuck Hallett 

1 star - poor 15/04/2011

No, the beer and ale is nowhere near the same. I was a huge fan of Rainforest Ale when Paul and Tim had their small brewery in East Vancouver. The ESB was excellent too. They then expanded and moved to Delta. This is where things changed a little. My girlfriend at the time contacted them to ask why the it wasn't tasting the same. She worked in advertising and they were not going to admit anything to her but when I called Paul he had admitted to me that they were having a difficult time because the batches were bigger. I told him that something is not quite right. Things improved a little then Sleeman's bought them out and I have never bought Shaftebury products again. But here's the kicker. When they moved the brewery from East Van to Delta I happened to be down in that area and the building was vacated and the original hand painted sign of the Shaftebury Brewery was sitting there so I grabbed it. It is in my possession along with original large (empty)bottles of Cream Ale, Rain Forest Ale, ESB, Paul and Tim's and Winter Ale. I have it on display in my studio with other Shaftebury memerobilia from the day. When it was really good I consumed a lot of large bottles. It was excellent. Not anymore. So sad.
 - Danny  Burnaby

2 stars - okay 10/04/2011

Noticeably poor in taste & quality since the transition 12 years ago. Only recommended to people who already drink more expensive mediocre beer. Tally's are good for camping shotguns though.
 - S Cameron  Okanagan

1 star - poor 06/03/2011

The taste was never the same after the Delta facility closed. Pre-1999 Shaftebury was awesome! Post-1999 Generic :(
 - zeek 

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