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Started in 2001 by Matt Phillips, formerly a brewer at Spinnakers Brewpub, Whistler Brewing and Wildhorse Brewing, adding to the already burgeoning Victoria beer scene. Initial products, available in 650ml bottles, set a high standard of finely-crafted, innovative beers that continues to this day.  (Background info courtesy of Richard Sweet.)

Since 2006, several brands have been available in 6-pack bottles.

5 stars - superb!

Oatmeal Stout (Stout, 5.2%) Espresso Stout (Stout, 5%) India Pale Ale (India Pale Ale, 6.5%) Organic Pale Ale (Pale Ale, 5%) Draft Dodger Cream Ale (Ale, 5%) Amnesiac Double IPA (India Pale Ale, 8.5%) Black Toque India Dark Ale (Ale, 6.5%) Longboat Double Chocolate Porter (Porter, 5.2%) Chocolate Porter (Porter, 5.5%) Twisted Oak Red Ale (Ale, 6.8%)

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Average rating: 3.5 stars

5 stars - superb! 12/10/2010

long boat chocolate porter, slipstream,,, BLue Buck,,, nothing need more be said,,, i love you,, i am literaly in love with you phillpis brewing keep up the exceptionaly good work unlike that granville island brewing pfft.. and if you ever have any brewery job openings give me a ring sam
 - sam  the island

1 star - poor 29/09/2009

 - me  here

1 star - poor 29/09/2009

 - me  here

5 stars - superb! 04/09/2009

firstly I commend you on your IPA its as good as I have had and Ive been around the block, this is my confusion on the bottle top it is written remove cap before drinking,do you mean doff your hat? surely you cant drink it unless you take the top off. or can you?
 - john pugh  victoria canada

4 stars - above average 18/05/2009

Just tried Phillips Double-Barrel Scotch Ale,7.7%,650ml, a special @ the Whip. It's awesome. Aged 1st in Kentucky Bourbon barrels & then Cab Sauv. barrels from the Okanagan. How and where can I get my hands on more of this stuff?
 - George T  Kitsilano


Thank you for your brewing enophilia, I especially enjoy your IPA. Now, if you would, please answer this question; On the label of the IPA bottle it states: 6.5% ALC/VOL. 650ml STRONG BEER?BIERE FORTE. But, the bottle only contains approximatley 340ml. Why is this and if it means 6.5% alc by volume if the bottle did contain 650ml why all the mumbo jumbo? I'm a beer drinker not a linguist or scientist, but neither am I a fool. So if you would kindly explain this to me then I could pass the information on to my fellow quaffers. Domo arigato and happy holidays!
 - M. Sean Dooher  Nanaimo to Kumagaya Japan

5 stars - superb! 03/07/2008

They renamed the Blue Truck; it's now Blue Buck. They also renamed their Draught Dodger: it's now called Slipstream Cream Ale. Great beers, especially the Longboat Double Chocolate Porter.
 - Brenton  Vancouver

5 stars - superb! 30/08/2007

 - Name withheld 


Why not rename it as Blue Van(Isle) Ale?
 - Punch  Victoria


Why dont you have Blue Truck on this site?
 - Bjorn Gimse  Victoria


Phillips IPA is incredible. In the same league as Dogfish Head's 60 minute IPA. Any BC'ers want to send me a sixer of Amnesiac?! (and the Maple Cream ale, too!)
 - Tony  Washington, DC


The Phillips delivery boy is HOT. And the beer isn't so bad either.
 - Kait  The Bird of Paradise Pub


Phillips Draught Dodger great stuff !!! Just discovered it at the 6 Mile pub outlet store. Any advertisement links available yet ??? Ann & John Cardiff
 - Ann & John Cardiff  Victoria


Last night we tried Phillips Raspberry beer. It was the smoothest creamiest beer we have ever tried. Also the raspberry was just the right touch. Unfortunately the liquor stores are out right now. Please brew more soon !!!!!
 - Lynne & Lyle Ferrie 


Phillips IPA is the best beer ever made, it is #1 on my list of favourite beers. Matt is truly Canada's brewing genius! If you like a very strong IPA, this beer must be purchased. It is on tap at Christie's; every Victoria pub should carry this beer. The Espresso Stout is also on my top 10 list.
 - Paul Holmes  Victoria, BC


WOW !!! Just tasted the Double Chocolate Porter... Oh my.... Best beer that i have ever tasted.. With a unreal chocolate after taste...
 - Stephen Chester  Duncan BC


Oh my g...! Two sips of this Amnesiac Double IPA and I am in love! This is my new favorite beer. It is very hoppy yet extremely smooth and balanced, not overpoweing. It doesn't get any better than this. Thank you Phillips!
 - Andrew   Woodinville, WA


Finally Victoria (and Canada for that matter) has a GREAT IPA!! Phillips IPA is brewed in the traditional Pacific Northwest (and California) style. Great hops and fantastic finish. It rates right up with the IPA's from Far West, Elysian, Dick's, Boundary Bay, Stone...just to mention a few. I now no longer have to travel to Seattle for a good beer (although I still do!). Thanks Matt!
 - Denny Sinnott  Victoria, B.C.


Phillips Expresso Stout is a really good beer, not bitter like some stouts, and has just a hint of a coffee aftertaste. The label indicates chocolate is also an ingredient, but it is not apparent in the taste. I highly recommend it, and wish it was available in Florida. I've only seen it while on business trips to Richmond, BC, at the Fogg & Suds restaurant attached to the Holiday Inn hotel on Cambie Road.
 - Al Andre  Orlando, Florida

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