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Powell River

Opened in early 2012 and located in historic Federal Building in the heart of the Townsite district of Powell River, at the top of BC's sunshine coast. The beer is available in growlers at the brewery, as well as restaurants/bars and liquor stores (650ml bottles) down the coast and into the lower mainland.

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Average rating: 4.5 stars

5 stars - superb! 01/02/2023

 - Name withheld 

5 stars - superb! 01/06/2013

If you are a craft beer fan, this is a must-see / must-taste brewery to add to your bucket list!
 - Debbie  Sunshine Coast

4 stars - above average 28/04/2013

We Stopped here on a SunCoast drive last August (12). I sampled all their current brews in their tasting room and came way with a growler of their Suncoast to get me to the next stop. It was a nice friendly little operation. Glad to see it's still going! Cheers!
 - Orlock  Gig Harbor, WA

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