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Spy Porter (Porter,  5%) - Originally produced as a winter seasonal called 'London Spy Porter' in 1999/2000, this fine beer is now permanent part of the lineup. The porter style is one of my favourites and this one measures up pretty well. A deep dark reddish-brown with a somewhat effervescent head. Warm malty nutty aroma and slight flavour of chocolate with lots of roasty malt, yet not overly heavy. Smooth and well-rounded, the finish is nicely placed between bitter and sweet. An excellent accompaniment to a hot steak and kidney pie on a cold winter's night. Does seem a tad over carbonated, though. Available in 650ml bottles only.   3/3/2006

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Brost! I love Beer! Recently I purchased your 8-pack sampler and over the week end my husband and I tried them all. The one that stood out for me was the spy porter. Maybe it was what we were eating... bar-b-q ribs,and wings but it was my pick of the bunch. Smooth and went down good. I'll be telling my friends about it! Keep up the good work. Oh I found your flyer AFTER I made my decision and this is the 1st time I have writen in for comment to anything.
 - Monica young   Mission

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