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Tree Brewing Co. 4 stars - above average - Add Beer Comments

Hophead IPA (India Pale Ale,  5%) - Copper in colour, with a rich head throwing off fragrant hop aroma and a deeply bitter finish, there's no doubt that this is a heavy-duty IPA. If you like the big hoppy beers, you won't be able to walk away from this one.  

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Average rating: 4.5 stars
4 stars - above average 26/08/2008
Good job on hop head! Now I don't have to go to Oregon as often to get a good brew!
 - will   vancouver

4 stars - above average 03/01/2008
My favorite IPA from B.C. Compares favourably to the heavily-hopped IPA's from Oregon. I tried one from a micro-brew in Baker City, ORE last summer that was "over the top" for hopp-iness! Can't remember name of establishment. Oregon, I found out, grows a lot of hops and brew their beers accordingly. What a change from 20+ years ago when I was in school in the states and Henry Weinhards was the only option from light beer (AKA, all American beer!)
 - John Nebocat  

5 stars - superb! 11/10/2007
If you are in vancouver, we have this beer on tap (and have for years) at O'Doul's on Robson. It's the best IPA made in BC!
 - Calvin   Vancouver

This was the first BC beer to successfully challenge the great IPAs from Washington and Oregon and is still a treat. Phillips has since introduced an IPA that competes well with Hophead but Tree was the first. Find the name lacks dignity though.
 - Paul Abernethy   Vancouver

Canada's best IPA and my "House Beer". Only one of three Canadian IPAs (as well as Phillips and Old Yale) that I would drink next to my American IPAs from the many great ones south of the border. The only downside is the 5.8% is a little low for this style, but I'll take it. If you are trying for the first time, be sure and let it 'warm' outside the fridge for a good 15 minutes. Helps bring out the hops. --Cheers!
 - Rob Trent   Kelowna, BC

This is my favourite brew at present. The description is bang on, except that it says 5.8% on the bottle! Beautiful colour, nice head, hoppy aroma, superb clean bitter finish. Just smelling it and looking at it brought tears of nostalgia to my (reformed beer guzzler) teetotalling brother's eyes. Poor boy.
 - Gary Ansell   Nanaimo, Vancouver Island

your right i can not walk away . this IPA is a very tastey beer the lable says 5.8 perfect for an IPA i bought it with the bonus bottle opener, it broke on my beer that sucks
 - gregory nunns   new westminster bc

This is easily one of the best microbrewed beers in Canada and one of the best India Pale Ale's that Ive ever tried. My wife loves it as much as I do. It's just as good as Sierra Nevada Pale Ale from the USA, or Indian Rock IPA from Penticton. Very hoppy, and not for people without good taste! ....Greg
 - Greg Sullivan   Cranbrook,BC.

In Calgary you can find it at Willowpark liquor stores, Royal liquor on 17th, Some of the Crowfoot liquor stores, some of the Bigbox liquor stores, and if you ask your own liquor store, they'll probably bring it in for you.
 - Kait   Calgary

This "Celebration of Northwest Hops & British Specialty Malts" (reading from the label) is delicious. I'd like to know the best place(s) to get it in Calgary, if anyone happens to know. Thanks - dB
 - David Bacon   Calgary (Montgomery)

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