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Rainforest Amber Ale (Amber Ale,  5%) - Deep amber colour, nice body, mildly malty flavour nicely rounded out by gentle hop bitterness.  

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Average rating: 5 stars - superb!
5 stars - superb! 09/08/2021
Good Day Gentleman i have found your Brewing company , @ longlast i would like to Ty for Rainforest Beer, I Lived in Vancouver for 13 years .. i now Reside in Toronto . Shaftsbury Rainforest is Sadly Missed By me .. I literally LOVE this Beer SO SO SO Much the taste Speaks for itself .. A very High End Beer..that s why i Give you Full Marks .. in the Brewing Process of this Fine Beer it s very Palatable ..Extremely Tasty on Any Occassion !! Thank you for Producing Such a fine Tasting Beer one More thing is it @ all Possible to Expidite Rainforest .. to Toronto LCBO ? if Not Can i Order Some ??? i would go to great lengths,to Bring it to Toronto ..for my Own personal Consumption, and or Promoting this fine Beer to the LCBO Please Send me a Email in regards to Ordering this fine Beer !! I Agree with Beer Guy ITS TRAGIC !! lol or you Can call me @ 1647-471-4324
 - Simon Panton   Toronto Ontario

5 stars - superb! 22/01/2010
I agree, the fact that we can't get Rainforest Ale is tragic. It was one of the cleanest Ales that was popularized that I've ever head. It was served on tap at a local pub here in Abby. That's sort of typical where one finds something you like and then they get rid of it. I think this particular brew led the way for other craft brews to follow. Exceptionally balanced, clean, crisp in taste, no bad aftertase, not a lot of sweetness with smooth malitness that beckoned you to have more. I hold my hat over my heart when I think about this beer. RIP Rainforest Ale
 - That Beer Guy   Abbotsford

5 stars - superb! 07/08/2007
As a flight attendant (who does like his beer) I have been fortunate enough to have tried beers from all over the world. I moved from Vancouver to Sydney over 30 years ago and always enjoyed a trip back to visit family, friends and pubs (not always in that fact, the family didn't always know I was in town!). About 6 years ago I flew between Sydney, Hawaii and Vancouver on a weekly basis. Shaftebury was making Rainforest then and i picked up a case whenever i could. i now read it's no more...VERY sad! But I still rate it RIGHT up there!
 - Ted Larson   Sydney Australia

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