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Espresso Stout (Stout,  5%) - No review available  

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Average rating: 5 stars - superb!
5 stars - superb! 30/10/2009
 - Katie   Victoria, BC

We happened to read a story in the paper one morning over breakfast - our last day in Victoria. THANK GOD! We tracked down Phillips beer & had to buy another suitcase to bring home all of our beer!!! The airlines almost fainted it was so heavy!!! Worth every dime & all the overage fees. LOVE the beer, wish like hell we could buy it here in Florida. Everybody always freaks out about the name, but says "Wow! That IS good!!!"
 - Vickie   Jacksonville, Fl

If you love coffee and beer, you'll love this stout. Don't expect to get a buzz off of this dark ale like you (supposedly) would off of Kick or Shock. You'll taste the traditional flavour of a deeply rich stout while experiencing the overtones of espresso. Very few beers have come close to this original (the only one I know also orginiating in BC). Drink up!
 - Geoffrey   Vancouver

Absolutely Delicious! On the lighter side for a stout, but a very smooth drink with subtle espresso tones. My favorite of all the Phillips selections!
 - Amanda   Victoria

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