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Longboat Double Chocolate Porter (Porter,  5.2%) 4 stars - above average - Ummm...chocolately goodness!  Delivers a big, inviting chocolate aroma followed up by a rich, balanced flavour with the chocolate present but more subdued.  Delicious beer.   5/31/2007

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Average rating: 5 stars - superb!
5 stars - superb! 30/10/2009
My all-time favourite, always in the fridge beer!
 - Katie   Victoria, BC

5 stars - superb! 21/08/2009
Tried this wonderful beer while in Sooke , are there other areas it can be purchased, kelowna etc.......
 - Lionel   Edmonton

5 stars - superb! 25/04/2009
 - Name withheld  

5 stars - superb! 07/01/2009
Wonderful... My new favorite... very balanced flavour, just right
 - Dean   Nanaimo

5 stars - superb! 16/08/2008
This is now my favorite beer. never thought beer and chocolate would be a good match. In fact I thought it would be terrible. But wow it's just delicious with no disgusting beer aftertaste. Deep rich flavor.
 - Richard   BC

This is an excellent beer.. lots of chocolate, but not overbearing. Best tasting when it's COLD. Everyone I've shared this with has loved it! Lots of flavor. Not too thin like some chocolate beers.
 - Ron   Mission, BC Canada

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