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Oatmeal Stout (Stout,  5.2%) -   8/21/2006

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Average rating: 5 stars - superb!
5 stars - superb! 13/01/2011
best IPA , i have ever tasted, a very nice round smooth beer, great job
 - camal   ladysmith

Not bad for around here, but its no Sammy Smiths.... ***3 stars
 - ian   gulf Islands bc

Had one Sunday at ~16C and it was fabulous- got it at local gov't. liquor store- IF you still have ALCB that functions in Edmonton ( lived there 1965-1979, Rio Terrace/Garneau ) bug them to order in cases; might not be 12s,arrrggh. Calgary just deregulated liquor stores; this is wrecking selection and Americanizing stock and will increase prices. :(
 - Bruce Norris   Mill Bay, B.C.

Very satisfying with a big mouthfeel and chocolate overtones if not drunk too cold (the beer, not the drinker). I note that the cheeky label on the initial batches has been modified to one featuring sir John A. I can imagine why !
 - hophead   Commercial Dr. Vancouver

I Tried Phillips Oatmeal Stout while vacationing on Vancouver Island during August 2006, and really enjoyed it. Please advise what outlets in Edmonton Alberta carry your Oatmeal Stout. Thanks.
 - Terry Rawe   Edmonton, AB

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