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Double Chocolate Ale (Brown Ale,  5%) - The first of the 'KB Signature Series' of limited edition beers, this is sold in individually boxed 650ml bottles with fancy packaging and price to match.  Purdy's chocolate is used during brewing and fermentation.  Surprisingly little of the chocolate character makes it's way to the end product.  A nice enough beer that ultimately fails to live up to it's promise - or it's price.   1/10/2007

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Average rating: 4 stars - above average
4 stars - above average 21/12/2007
Disagree totally. The beer, when very cold, is perfect with a piece of nice, dark mint chocolate. Not heavy like a Guiness, but dark, smooth and quite flavourful. It makes a nice simple gift for someone. I recently shared it with four friends after a nice dinner.
 - d   Langley, BC

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