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Honey Brown Lager (Dark Lager,  5%) - No review available   3/1/2006

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Average rating: 5 stars - superb!
5 stars - superb! 29/10/2012
This was/is a great beer that doesn't seem to be available anymore. When will it be back on the shelves again?
 - joseph balias   victoria bc

5 stars - superb! 05/10/2009
Great beer, one of my favourites but hard to find. It's a must have when visiting the interior. Very complex flavours, spicy warm notes. Yum!
 - Angela   Vancouver

5 stars - superb! 29/05/2008
The best beer in Canada. It is unbelievable! Of KB's beers I tried the Black Bear Ale first and was not very impressed. This beer far surpasses it. The Imperial Lager is tasty too.
 - Mark   Vancouver

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