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Black Bear Ale (Porter,  5%) - Formerly Bear Brewing's Black Bear Ale. One of the most distinctively rich and tasty BC beers, with a hint of berry fruitness for added enjoyment.   3/1/2006

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Average rating: 4 stars - above average
5 stars - superb! 21/08/2018
I love this beer and I can never find it. Even when I was in Kamloops, it wasnt at the store I went to.
 - Eric   Vancouver

5 stars - superb! 24/04/2015
Great beer, please bring to Alberta or towns in BC that are closer to the Alberta border!
 - Mike   Edmonton

1 star - poor 04/02/2014
I prefer Ale to Beer. I have had Ale from all over this Planet, and I have had good and not so good Ale. Ale should NOT HAVE A FRUITY TASTE! This crap is so bad I threw the 6-pack in the garbage after a few sips. I repeat, this is not Ale!
 - Robert Thibeau   Armstrong, B.C.

5 stars - superb! 10/09/2013
Fric and Frac have it on tap in Kamloops. My favourite beer.
 - Al   Kamloops

4 stars - above average 24/01/2013
Tried it, loved it, but haven't been able to find it again. Why is this beer so elusive?
 - John   Comox

3 stars - average 27/07/2012
I used to live in Kamloops when Black Bear came on scene. My favorite beer hands down until you put it in a it definitely tastes tinny. I would like to buy it but if I can't find it in any store you don't have a sale. It is a unique beer so please put it back in the bottles and the nice case. You have a following! A 2 in cans, a 5 in bottles. The other micros realize the flavour is maintained in their bottles, you can also!
 - Kelly   Vernon

5 stars - superb! 11/05/2011
You can find this beer all over the lower mainland in BC liquor stores (they've got stock numbers at locations), at least the signature one near me has a good stock available. I am going to pick some up today, cheers. Hope you guys can enjoy this.
 - Alexander   Vancouver, BC

5 stars - superb! 06/11/2010
This is the best beer in the world, unfortunately, we are unable to find it. Could you please advise?
 - Andrew Fraser   Mission, B.C.

5 stars - superb! 04/02/2010
I had the privilege of spending a few months in BC last year. I tried Black Bear and loved it. But like others mentioned, its hard to find. I'm in the process of trying to get some shipped east. Cheers
 - Bob Campbell   Cape Breton Island, Nova

5 stars - superb! 30/09/2009
The recipe has never changed! It has always been the same
 - anonymous   kamloops

5 stars - superb! 28/05/2009
As an employee in the hospitality industry,I've been able to view this beer from both sides. I found it to be one of my best sellers when recommended to people. However you do not have any representation in our area and this beer is becoming extremely hard to find. Maybe you should hire me as a rep for this area.
 - Rhea Bucholtz   Vernon,BC

1 star - poor 27/11/2007
This beer was a staple when we drove up to the lake every weekend. We would stop and have a pint in Merritt, then pick up a case or two for the week. We recommended it to everyone we knew. When we moved here, our local store began carrying it for us, but sadly, the brewery was bought out and the recipe changed. (Along with a most unique label and box! I wish I kept one.) Sorry, Kamloops Brewing, nothing else you make holds a candle to what you lost.
 - Shevaun   shuswap

Bring it back......I miss this beer so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even the beer box was the nest box i've ever seen.......... Beer drinking wont be the same again...... I guess it back to BECK'S again
 - chris   vancouver

Hi there, Just to let you know that I really preferred your old recipe. When you changed your label and the recipe changed I quit buying it. I would have driven for miles to acquire your brand. It is too bad that you changed your recipe. A very sad customer....
 - Lloyd Smith   Sorrento

Tried this beer about 5 years ago when I travelled to Canada to meet some friends. They introduced me to it and I found it one of the most interesting beers on my travels throughout Canada and Europe. I have tried in vein to find it ever since and haven't had any luck. If anyone can assist me please do.
 - Troy   Australia

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