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Winter Pudding (Porter,  % unknown) - Brewed exclusively for Earls restaurants and available on tap - originally on a seasonal basis but I believe now more regularly. Described as being 'a dark ale with chocolate overtones' that some consider 'one of the best restaurant beers on tap in Vancouver.'  A similar beer - or possibly the same? - is available at Joey Tomatoes restaurants. [Thanks to Ron K. for info on this beer.]    3/7/2007

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Average rating: 5 stars - superb!
5 stars - superb! 12/04/2008
My wife used to work at Earls, this was my all time favorite beer on tap their. I didnt think Earls carried it anymore.
 - Wayne   Surrey

5 stars - superb! 04/10/2007
I love this beer, why can't I buy this beer???? \ / (o) (o) /----\
 - dorian   surey

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