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Wild Horse Brewing Company

 - Microbrewery, Brewery closed  
(Out of business)

(Dead horse - out of business) A brewery that started producing in the fall of 1997, distributing draft to local establishments. Started off with three brands in draft, eventually available in regular 6-packs. Company went out of business in 1999. Too bad, as their beers were quite drinkable and created a unique marketing image. ()  More Comments [1 ]   Add Your Comments/Rate this Brewery


Natural Blonde Ale (Pale Ale, % unknown) - Your average blonde ale.    More Comments [0]   Add Comments/Rate this Beer

Night Ride Dark Ale (Brown Ale, % unknown) - Earthy brown colour and rich, malty aroma. Smooth flavours of malt followed by a clean, relatively dry finish.    More Comments [0]   Add Comments/Rate this Beer

Pale Ale (Pale Ale, % unknown) - An above average pale ale, with some good bitterness to it.    More Comments [0]   Add Comments/Rate this Beer

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