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Coal Harbour Brewing Company

 - Microbrewery, Independent  
1967 Triumph Stree

Brewery started up in late 2011, with the goal of brewing classic lagers and unique ales that are satisfying and leave you yearning for another one.

As of early 2012, three draught products available, with plans in the works for bottles and distribution through retail liquor stores.

True, it's not actually located in Coal Harbour...but then, it's a lot closer to Coal Harbour than the beers marketed under the 'Bowen Island' label are to Bowen Island.

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three 11 (Lager, 5.2%) - Described as 'a genuine, German style lager brewed in the tradition of the Helles style of the Munich brewers.'
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Triumph Rye Ale (Ale, 5.2%) - Described as 'a true Northwest style craft ale that stands apart for its unique and unforgettable flavor. Designed to attract drinkers of pale ales and IPAs and to keep them coming back for more of this intriguing, complex and refreshing ale.'
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Vienna Lager (Lager, 5.2%) - Described as 'a premium golden coloured Vienna style lager, brewed by hand using the finest imported ingredients.'
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