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Tofino Brewing Company

 - Microbrewery, Independent  
Unit C & D 681 Industrial Way

Opened in April, 2011, situated in the beautiful little west coast town of Tofino. Founded on 3 ideas: brewing great beer, being a positive addition to the town, and operating in a sustainable and locally focused manner. Brewer Dave Woodward used to be at The Brewhouse in Whistler.

Website has nice ingredient details and specifications for each brew.
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Fogust Wheat Ale (Wheat beer, 4.5%) - IBU: 10
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Hoppin' Cretin IPA (India Pale Ale, 7%) - "There's no stoppin the cretins from hoppin."

Special award for being first BC brewery (and first brewery anywhere, far as I know) to have a Ramones-inspired name for one of their brews. Well done!

IBU: 60
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Tuff Session Ale (Pale Ale, 5%) 4 stars - above average - Dark copper with a nice balance of mellow herbal hops and malt in the nose. Sweet malty flavour followed with gently bitter finish. Well-crafted and highly quaffable session ale. IBU: 25
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