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Started as a self-proclaimed "English-style Cottage Brewery" on a small island off the West Coast, just North of Vancouver in 1994. In 1997, its operations were moved into Vancouver. At one point some of their beers were produced under contract to Earl's restaurants. By late 1999, it (along with Coquihalla Brewing) had merged with Whistler Brewing and all production moved to Whistler. During 2001, production of Whistler and Bowen Island brands were moved to Bear Brewing in Kamloops. As of early 2006, the Hemp Cream Ale and superb Special Bitter were still being produced by Kamloops Brewing (formerly Bear).

Bowen Blonde Ale (Pale Ale, 4.5%) Bowen Ale (Pale Ale, 4.5%) Special Bitter (Pale Ale, 4.5%) Winter Ale (Porter, 4.5%) Hemp Cream Ale (Pale Ale, 4.5%) Original Hemp Lager (Lager, 5%)

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Average rating: 3.5 stars

1 star - poor 21/03/2019

I have some Bowen island lager can not tell expiry date Code is 52-4-310 L11528
 - Goddard Betty 

2 stars - okay 27/07/2017

Bowen's "Artisan" [Ha!] IPA used to be my go-to cheap beer. Back when it had "All Natural No Preservatives" in small print on the can. It's very important to me that I don't drink formaldehyde and other legally accepted toxins when I drink beer. Recently BI stopped printing those words, on their newly designed IPA. And as I speak, I have opened a BI "Westcoast Lager" that a friend left here last week. Holy preservative-and-overcooked-barley-taste, Batman - like a Bud that has sat out opened all night long! Stay away from this brewery.
 - Kenji Fuse  Victoria, BC


Just bought a 12 x 355 ml Craft Beer Sampler with 3 each of lager, honey brown lager, artisan ipa, and irish cream ale. Looking forward to getting familiar with these and i wanted to find out more about Bowen Island Brewing but on their "new" website they tell us nothing about their history. So the "About us" section is disappointing. Most "craft" breweries go to great lengths to celebrate their origins. I would like to know where this beer is brewed today (not years ago) and what's the connection (if any) with Bowen Island, the actual island.
 - Ben Seghers  Vancouver

5 stars - superb! 16/11/2010

 - Name withheld 

5 stars - superb! 01/02/2010

Bowen Island is brewed in Kamploops and is available absolutely everywhere! I'd be very surprised if you couldn't find it in your local store. They currently make a lager, pale ale, irish cream ale, honey and light. Look for the variety 8 packs to try 4 flavors.
 - ADH  Vancouver

4 stars - above average 09/12/2009

The Bowen Island data is way out of date. Their current crop of inexpensive beers deserve to be listed. Fabulous stuff for $8 /six pack. Widely available, and being drunk by people who can afford to pay more.
 - Rob MacDonald  Terrace

5 stars - superb! 07/06/2008

I really enjoyed the Irish Cream Ale several years ago. Now it seems hard to find, but their website says they are still making it.
 - Gord  Winnipeg

4 stars - above average 26/07/2007

$8.55 for a 6-pack? Heck ya. This beer is great for the price!
 - Matt C 


Tastes like piss. It's not worth the $7.50 for the half sack. I drank one and took the rest back. Always keep your receipts!!!
 - MC  Victoria, BC


Just recently the ldb's were carrying a bowen island irish cream beer and it was good I can't find it anywhere. It was reasonably priced too and now it's gone. I'm beginning to think that the big guys are pushing their products out.
 - Linda Cross  Vancouver


What can i say... the best beer ever. YEAH!
 - Mark  Bentley, AB


bowen island beer is the best beer in the world hands down it has no compitition every weekend my and the buddies buy a flat or 2 of bowen island beer and have a good old time thanks to the biggest little beer company in the west
 - aj  bentley alberta


This is damn good beer, I dunno how you do it, but keep it up, for 11 50 a case, well up where I live its very cheap, and very good
 - Carl Von  Edmonton Alberta


this is the finest beer i have ever found. keep it flowing to edmonton. i also would like to know if you have tours of your brewery. i do go to vancouver every so often. regards
 - ed todd  edmonton, alberta

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