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[Set to open in November, 2011]
Run by husband and wife team of Chantal O'Brien and Sean Hoyne. Sean is a long-time brewmaster on the Victoria scene, working at both Swans Brewpub and Canoe Brewpub.

4 stars - above average

Devil's Dream IPA (India Pale Ale, 6%)

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January 29th Oak Bay Bistro is hosting the first ever Brew masters dinner with Hoyne Brewery. Sean Hoyne will be in attendance..Chef Waller has created an amazing menu with Hoyne products. # course dinner $35.00 inlcuding hoyne brewery beer selections. Do not miss this inagural event for Hoyne brewing company. Also featuring fiddle music with Emma Hoyne and Friends)call for reservations ( going fast ) 250-598-1441
 - Oak Bay Bistro  Oak Bay


Hoyne Brewing 101-2740 Bridge Street Victoria, BC
 - BC Brews  Vancouver


Anyone know where in Victoria this will be located?
 - Mr Ale  Jimmy Bay

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